Popular Basque Proverbs
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• A nearby neighbor is preferable to a faraway relative.

• What one sees is what one learns.

• One who spends his time among wise people is also wise.

• Earth belongs to the brave but heaven to those who deserve it.

• Empty houses are full of noises.

• The closest to the church are the farthest from paradise.

• Where the mind goes, the legs follow.

• The needle dresses people but stays naked itself.

• There is no point in offering a helping hand to someone who wants to drown.

• A dog which belongs to two houses dies of hunger.

• If you say anything you want, you will hear things you don't want to.

• The lazy person's motto: 'Later'.

• The pain caused by the tongue is the last to heal.

• who takes a wolf for a husband is always looking into the wood.

• Night is the mother of thought.
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