Popular Catalan Proverbs
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• With patience you go beyond knowledge.

• Wisdom goes not always by years.

• The musician who is paid in advance does not play so well.

• A mother-in-law made of sugar, still tastes bitter.

• A public hall is never swept.

• God forgives the sin of gluttony.

• Women and cats in the house, men and dogs in the street.

• The best word is the unspoken word.

• In times of famine no bread is stale.

• Love does much, money does all.

• Cast no dirt into the well that gives you water.

• He who hunts after bargains will scratch his head

• Little by little you fill the sink and drop by drop you fill the barrel.

• By perseverance everything reaches its target.

• Show me your wife and I will tell you what kind of a husband she has.

• Politeness costs little but yields much.
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