Popular Finnish Proverbs
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• A loan is a brother when taken, a nephew when paid back.

• Someone already wet will not be afraid of water.

• Emergency does not read the law

• A wise one learns from mistakes of others, a dumb one won't learn even from one's own.

• Even a stupid one seems wise if he keeps his mouth shut.

• Better a bitter truth than a sweet lie.

• A good one gives from the little he has, a bad one not even from his plentiful

• There is no such path, that has not been walked along before.

• A sleep in the morning, Awake all evening; this is the way to lose a house.

• Big fish are worth of fishing even if you don't catch one

• One should not go farther than the sea to fish.

• There will always be splatter when mortar is spread.

• A poke in the eye for those, who dwell on the past

• When you flee from a wolf, you run into a bear.

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