Popular Kazakh Proverbs
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• The fatherless orphan lacks honor; the motherless orphan is a sorrowful orphan.

• It is better to cook porridge for a hundred people that to be a boss for ten.

• Who a boy will become is evident from an early age 

• Who travels the country to be a critic, who walks through the woods will be a builder. 

• How much honor, so many accolades. 

• Iron is tested in fire, and the person in distress. 

• A fowl can be very playful but will never run away from the herd.

• A divided country will fall; a united country will standfast.

• The one who does not know his people cannot judge other people.

• There is no place like your Motherland.

• To betray the Motherland is as bad as to bury yourself alive.
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