Popular Malagasy Proverbs
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• By getting angry, one shows that she is wrong.

• If you treat someone like a wild cat, he will steal your chickens.

• A patient that can swallow food makes the nurse doubtful.

• Don,t blame the axe for the noise made by the chicken you are about to slaughter.

• Love is just like rice -- plant it elsewhere and it grows.

• Looking for a country with no tombstones you will find yourself in the land of cannibals.

• The lazy man who goes to borrow a spade says, "I hope I will not find one."

• Never be so much in love that you can't tell when it's raining.

• Divorce a young woman and you make another man happy.

• A canoe does not know who is king. When it turns over, everyone gets wet.

•"If it is not a boy it will be a girl," says the fortune-teller.

• Marriage is not a fast knot but a slip knot.

• Don’t take another mouthful before you have swallowed what is already in your mouth.
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