Popular Sierra Leonean Proverbs
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• If you're fooled once you're not a fool, but if it happens twice, then you're a fool.

• When you don't get along with a hunter in town, don't follow him to the bush.

• You can't blow your nose and whistle at the same time.

• No matter how long the road, it ends at a town.

• If you throw ashes, ashes will follow you. 

• When a cunning man dies, it's a cunning man who buries him.

• Money in the hand, back on the ground

• If you listen to the market noise, you won't buy what you want.

• A child who doesn't listen to its mother will be brought up by the street.

• You don't need to teach the mother of five daughters how to have sex.

• The bird that knows is different from the bird that understands.

• The monkey works, the baboon eats.

• When they say a person burned to death, don't ask if his beard burnt.

• No matter how you fix a chimpanzee's nose, it's still ugly.

• When you raise a leopard, you shouldn't be upset when it eats your goat.
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