Popular Welsh Proverbs
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• Better a good shilling than a dud sovereign.

• Though the day be long, evening will come

• Money is the key that opens all locks.

• Praise your country and live in it

• The grave makes everybody equal.

• Wise is the man who makes a friend of his enemy

• Patience is the mother of all wisdom

• What we done by night will be seen by day

• He who refuses inexpensive advice buys a costly repentence.

• Two bad payments - to pay beforehand and not to pay at all

• The morning is not the time to praise a fine day

• The guilty one will flee without being pursued

• If a crown were to be placed on every fool's head, we would all be kings

•¬†Enough is a little more than you already have

• Whoever is born to fourpence will never achieve fivepence

• He who sows thorns, let him not go barefooted

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